YOVI Strategies and Approaches

One of our key strategies and approaches is The Better Living Campaign (BELCAM). The campaign has evolved into the “Multiple Program” and is our flagship program. The Multiple Program entails firstly mass campaigns where youth are mobilized and reached through sports. Facilitators and counselors educate the youths through these mass sporting campaigns.

The Multiple program also entails the identification and training of peer counselors whom we refer to as Ambassadors of change (AOCs) or Community Facilitators. The use of AOCs is a youth-centered model whereby the local community institutions that include women groups, youth groups, self help groups, sports clubs, churches, chiefs, Assistant chiefs, and others help identify the good youth whom we train to reach out and educate the others as peer counselors or the Ambassadors of Change (AoCs) including during sports activities where they do one-to-one counseling to spectators and players. The AOCs are instrumental in peer counseling, life skills counseling and life counseling. The AOCs have been trained on facts on Alcohol and drug abuse, facts on HIV/AIDS, community mobilization, Community / Leadership skills, Life skills, narratives of violent extremism, participatory approaches, peer-to-peer communication, monitoring  and evaluation.  They reach out to other youths even at homes, in churches, at markets and shopping centers, tea buying centers, during weddings, funerals, literary anywhere in the community. They do one to one counseling and group therapies.

In working with AOCs, we use the AVAL model. The AVAL model is a mobilization and planning tool where the youth Ambassadors of Change (AOCs) are facilitated to:

  • Analyze and understand the behavior/attitudes of fellow youths in their villages.
  • Visualize on the positive behavior they wish to see in their fellow youths.
  • Take Actions geared towards bringing positive change in their fellow youths
  • Meet to Learn from the actions and possibly see where to improve activities.

Our Multiple Program also includes a mentorship program for in-school youth where a counselor works with them with a focus on life counseling with emphasis on key pillars thus:

  • facts on alcohol and drug abuse,
  • facts on HIV/AIDS,
  • how to manage peer pressure,
  • how to relate well with parents
  • how to excel in school.
  • Avoidance of violent extremism
  • The fear of God (Godly values as protective elements)

Our Multiple Program also incorporates parents and the focus is to enable effective communication between parents and their youth so parents can effectively support, counsel and guide their youth in respect to alcohol and drugs abuse, HIV/AIDS, violent extremism and other vices. We hold combined forums for parents and youth and particularly counsel the parents on their role in the process. We also have high school forums where youth in high school come together during school holidays and are counseled on life skills, how to avoid alcohol and drug abuse and how to excel in school and how to avoid violent extremism.

The Multiple Program has also incorporated the use of educative artistic murals bearing messages on dangers of alcohol abuse, facts on HIV/AIDS and avoidance of violent extremism. The mural attracts the attention of many people daily particularly the youth.

The Multiple program also incorporates civic education and environmental conservation to enable youth participate in development activities in the County.

Our other program is the Business Development Program whereby YOVI trains youths on business skills which has three packages thus; Generate Your Business Idea (for those who wish to start a business), Start and Improve Your Business (that include writing business plans) and Improve Your Business (for those who already have businesses and want to have them improved).

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