Thematic Focus

YOVI was formed to prioritize youth empowerment in Kenya. Most youth in Kenya have not been mobilized adequately to participate in their development. A closer observation reveal one of the biggest nightmares witnessed in the country as far as the youth problem is concerned. Youth problem is slowly becoming a ticking time-bomb. The youth are often idle, abuse alcohol and a significant number are being recruited into violent extremism and other forms of criminal gangs and violence especially at election time. The youth criminal behavior is fired by youth idleness and feelings of apathy. This is compounded by the fact that resources have become minimal and there is unemployment, there is not enough for everyone.

Also most youths in Kenya lack vital information, for example, they lack crucial information necessary for them to keep off the narrative of violent extremism. They also  lack information on the effects of alcohol abuse on their health. They also fail to visualize the link between alcohol abuse and HIV infections. Young people from as young as age13 are being reported to have contracted HIV infection in places where we are working. Alcohol abuse puts them at risk of HIV infections.

Youth in school and out of school in Kenya are also lagging behind in terms of effective leadership and life skills. The boy child in particular is marginalized and is performing poorly in school and dropping out of school in most places in Kenya. The boy child is engaged in alcohol and drug abuse, is being recruited into violent extremism, and is at increased risk of contracting HIV/AIDS.

Our thematic focus therefore puts emphasis on promotion of better living and entrepreneurship development.

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