About Us


Youth Ventures Initiatives (YOVI) is a non-profit, non-partisan non-governmental organization formed in 2008. It existed loosely until 2009 when it was legally registered. YOVI’s major role is to empower the youth to live responsible lives.

Our Vision

To realize generations of youths that is vibrant and empowered.

Our Mission

To promote, reinforce, and safeguard human rights, good governance and improved livelihood.

Problem Statement

Youth out of school in Kenya lack positive daily engagement. Boredom leads them to irresponsible behaviour. For example, those in Central Province, Kenya engage in alcohol and drug abuse that puts them at risk of HIV infections. Many of HIV infected cases in Kenya are youth aged between 14 and 35 years. Many youth-focused strategies in Kenya are concentrated in towns and cities. Youth in rural areas are not reached and mobilised for development. They remain among the most vulnerable and poorest.

Our Core Values

  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Honesty and integrity in all our dealings
  • Gender sensitivity
  • Participation of all
  • Respect for human rights

About Youth Ventures Initiatives (YOVI)

Youth Ventures Initiatives (YOVI) is a non-profit, non-partisan non-governmental organization that has a commitment towards youth empowerment. YOVI recognizes that the youth remain among the most marginalized and disempowered citizens in Kenya. Most especially in Central Kenya are lost to alcohol and drugs abuse. ‘Miraa’ has become a popular drug that is abused in Central Kenya. The youth are often idle and easily get recruited into criminal gangs and violence especially at election time. The youth criminal behavior is fired by youth idleness and feelings of apathy. This is compounded by the fact that resources have become minimal including in the high potential areas in Kenya where land has become small due to population pressure and therefore, there is not enough for everyone.

Also most youths in Kenya lack vital information, for example, they lack crucial information necessary for them to remain healthy. Those in Central Kenya, for example, lack information on the effects of alcohol abuse on their health. They also fail to visualize the link between alcohol abuse and HIV infections. Young people from as young as age13 are being reported to have contracted HIV infection in places where we are working. Alcohol abuse puts them at risk of HIV infections.

Also the boy child in particular is marginalized and is performing poorly in school and dropping out of school especially in Central Kenya. Available statistics indicate that girls in Central Kenya are doing better in school while the boy is lagging behind. The boy child is engaged in alcohol and drug abuse, criminal behavior and is at increased risk of contracting HIV/AIDS.

Parents are lost for words and remain short of strategies to help out their youths. There is poor communication gap between them and their youths.

This scenario underscores YOVI’s strategies key among them being the healthy living campaign that includes;

  • Leadership and life skills development
  • Promotion of effective parents and youth dialogue
  • Sports for behavior change in respect to alcohol and drug abuse and its link to HIV/AIDS
  • Focus on men
  • Advocacy

Also integrated into our programs is; entrepreneurship development (including agri-business) and civic education as well as environmental protection

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