Organizational Development /Community Capacity Building


YOVI other program involves organizational development and community capacity building. This focuses on community leaders, community volunteers, self-help groups, women groups, youth groups in order to participate in governance processes. This builds their capacity to address community issues including those affecting young people living in their midst. We provide the following capacities:
• Capacity assessment support so leaders and their groups to understand capacity strengths and gaps that need to be addressed for better functioning.
• Training community leaders and groups skills in resource mobilization for them to mobilize local resources and also be able to access county government resources.
• Training in Community Facilitation and Peer counseling skills so those trained are able to reach out to others. Also training in monitoring and evaluation skills, financial and record keeping skills, community mobilizations skills and others as per identified needs.
• Support the groups to draw their strategic plans
• Provide governance development support to boards including boards and management reviews
• Facilitate community leaders through Participatory Own Process (POP) for them to be able to understand community issues and take action
• Facilitate community leaders to gain awareness and knowledge on county budget processes including how they could participate and also how they could monitor county funded projects for accountability purposes

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