Health Education

Most youths in Kenya lack vital information, for example, they lack crucial information necessary for them to remain healthy. They lack information on the effects of alcohol abuse on their health. They also fail to visualize the link between alcohol abuse and HIV infections. Young people from as young as age13 are being reported to have contracted HIV infection in the communities. Alcohol abuse puts them at risk of HIV infections. They are unaware of risk behaviors that exposes them to dangers of contracting HIV infections.

It is for these reasons that Youth Ventures Initiatives has mobilized youths and is providing preventive health messages on HIV / AIDs and alcohol abuse to those in school and out of school. We mobilize youths through sports and educate them in the process. Communities have identified the good youths whom we have trained as Ambassadors of Change (AOCs). The AOCs reach out to their peers with educative messages on one-on-one basis and in group discussions in homes, churches, at weddings, funerals, market centers, shopping centers, tea-buying centers, literally anywhere in the villages where we work.

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