James Kinyua Posted January 12, 2013 by admin


James Kinyua was trained as an AOC by YOVI and also received the Generate your business idea (GYBI) training. He says:

After the GYBI training, I got the idea to start a zero-grazing dairy unit. I thought this would be a good idea since it requires little land space. My family only owns a small piece of land. I borrowed money from my parents and raised more from casual labor. This enabled me to buy a young calf for the zero grazing unit. I also got the idea to grow tree tomato fruits which I sell at Karatina market at Ksh.5 each. My life has changed a lot since the GYBI training since I am more independent financially. As a trained AOCs I also have time to counsel other youth on behavior change on one on one basis and in group discussions at homes, shopping centers and at church on Sundays. Many of these youths have become more cautious in their behavior since I started talking to them.

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