Lucy Gakuo Posted December 11, 2012 by admin


Lucy Gakuo was trained as an AOC by YOVI and also received the Generate your business idea (GYBI) training. She says:

After the GYBI training, I got the idea to start a hair salon business. I realized this would be a good idea since there was no single salon at our shopping centre. I raised money from my family and this enabled me to buy the equipment required. My life has changed a lot since the GYBI training since I am more independent financially. As a trained AOCs I also have time to counsel other youth on behavior change on one-on-one basis and in group discussions at homes, shopping centers particularly at pool-tables and at church on Sundays. I reach out to them also during local volleyball tournaments in our village. Many of these youths have become more cautious in their behavior since I started talking to them.

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