GLADYS NJERI: PEER COUNSELOR Posted October 19, 2018 by Jane Munene


Since she started reaching out to adolescent girls in schools at Mukuru slums age 10 to 13 years with behavior change messages, Gladys has observed changes among them. One of the changes is that they can now express themselves easily and articulate their issues and problems without fear. They ask questions often on issues that bother them. These children were not free with each other. This is slowly changing and these days they share with each other issues that affect them and learn from one another. One of the issue that they raise concerns boyfriends and they have learnt the importance of  delaying before engaging in such relationships. They raise some very sensitive issues showing just how open they have become with Gladys, eg one of them shared that her father was touching her inappropriately. She was counselled to tell him that it is wrong. She was able to confront the father who has since stopped the behavior. Gladys admits that before she started working with YOVI as a peer counselor, she was shy to stand in front of crowds. These days she has gained confidence.


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