VICTOR CHIZA: PEER COUNSELOR Posted October 19, 2018 by Jane Munene


At the time he was starting to work with Youth Ventures Initiatives (YOVI) as a peer counselor reaching out to young women at Mukuru slums with behavior change messages, most of these young women were engaging in risky behavior. As a result of reaching out to those in his neighborhood, he has observed great change among them. Most now are involved in small trades selling vegetables and fruits. He used the knowledge he has as a trained peer counselor to bring about change in their behavior. He gives them space to choose alternative things they can do other than engaging in risky behavior. They even visit him at his office for further conversations on their health and behavior.


Victor discovered that most engage in risky behavior so to earn some income to buy sanitary pads. As a result Victor has started to identify sponsors who can support the girls with pads. Vera Beauty has responded to his appeal for sanitary pads and they are supporting several girls. Victor also counsels the young women to know their HIV status early. He accompanies them to VCT centre as a way of encouragement. Parents are also referring girls to him for counseling just an indication of the confidence they have in his skills and knowledge. Victor reports being confident in his work. From the training he got at YOVI he has content that he uses as he counsels young women and men as well.

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