MAGUTU PRIMARY SCHOOL. Posted June 9, 2017 by admin


Magutu Primary school is one of the schools in Karatina benefiting from the mentorship being offered by YOVI.  The Deputy Head teacher, Mrs., Matu, says that the mentorship program has been really powerful and effective on the children.  “We are very happy about it. There are students who were regular absentees and were completely hopeless as a result of acute poverty in their families.  Such students have since been inspired and their eyes are filled with hope and aspirations they live to fulfill.” Mrs. Matu says.   The students are sensitized on issues on life skills, HIV/AIDS, alcohol and drug abuse. This enables them to be prepared for their adult life and make better choices as youth.  “The students always long for the mentorship programs by YOVI counselor!” They often ask me when his next visit is.” She says.

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