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John Ngati, 28 years old, is an AoC (peer counselor) in Gaikuyu. Before John’s encounter with YOVI, he was struggling with acute alcoholism.  “I could drink alcohol to the extent I got sick for several weeks.”  John says.  He explains that his encounter with drugs and alcohol commenced as a result of poor company. He was inducted into taking marijuana without his knowledge. His peers would spike his food and drink with bhang and before he knew it, he was completely dependent on the bottle.

After one episode of getting extremely ill due to alcohol, he realized that indeed the bottle would lead him to an early grave.  He courageously made the decision to seek help. YOVI’s doors were open.  He began attending seminars conducted by YOVI and understood the real dangers of drugs and alcohol abuse.  “I believed alcohol can damage one’s health, but I didn’t have enough information. That’s where YOVI really helped.” He says.  “I got vital information that helped me understand the effects of alcohol on my body.” He adds.

Through counseling, he is now a recovered alcoholic and has not had a drink for the past 5 years.  His life has transformed immensely. He is able to deliver 100% at his job and he can see the fruits of his labor as he sleeps under the roof of his own home that he put up. “I couldn’t have built my home if I hadn’t reformed.” Ngati assures.

Ngati has also devoted himself to counsel other youth in his home area as an AoC (peer counselor). He has on several instances helped young people better their lives. He has helped other alcoholics to reform and form better relationships especially within their families. “I helped a friend salvage his marriage that was greatly being affected by alcohol. I am counseling him and helping him overcome alcoholism. The couple has made a lot of progress.” He says. (unfortunately, Ngati passed on in late March 2017. May God rest his soul in eternal peace)

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