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Pineas Kinyua, 26 years old,  is an AOC (peer counselor) and entrepreneur located in Gitunduti. He joined YOVI in 2009 right after completing his high school education.  He was commissioned as a peer counselor by YOVI in 2009 and is now deeply involved with the counseling of youth around his home area. And his life has changed greatly after he joined the organization. “The organization has had a really great impact on the youth and on me on a personal level. I now understand the whole spectrum of HIV/AIDS, and I use this information to counsel others.” Kinyua says. Kinyua is also now able to make more meaningful relationships with friends and family, as compared to there before.

Kinyua also undertook the entrepreneurship training program provided by YOVI. He has since started his own business in Gitunduti shopping centre. Moreover, he has also ventured in agribusiness whereby he is involved in animal husbandry. His projects include poultry keeping and rearing of pigs and an upcoming fish pond. These are the means by which he puts bread on the table. “So far, I have been independent and I can fully sustain myself.” Kinyua says.   He is very eager to exercise his newly acquired leadership skills in his community as he keenly states that “Leadership isn’t all about one’s position, but the impact one makes in their community.”

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