Entreprenuership Programme Posted July 8, 2013 by admin



Most youth in Kenya have not been mobilized adequately into any development or economic activity. However, a closer observation reveal one of the biggest nightmares witnessed in the country as far as the youth problem is concerned. Youth problem is slowly becoming a ticking time-bomb. The youth are often idle, abuse alcohol and most get recruited into violent extremism and various criminal gangs. During political elections they lead in violent campaigns. The youth criminal behavior is fired by youth idleness and feelings of apathy. This is compounded by the fact that resources have become minimal in Kenya and there is not enough for everyone.

It is for these reasons that Youth Ventures Initiatives has embarked on promotion of youth entrepreneurship. Youth are taken through well-developed business development packages thus; The Generate Your Business Idea (GYBI), The Start Your Business (SYB) and The Improve Your Business (IYB) training packages. The program aim at increasing and diversifying youth income while keeping them away from such vices as being recruited into violent extremism and alcohol and drug abuse that puts them at risk of HIV infections. It also aims at keeping them out of the grip of politicians who lure them with little cash to cause mayhem especially at election time. It also aims at making the youth more confident to participate in the governance of their county as they will not be preoccupied with survival. It aims at stopping them from feelings of apathy and hopelessness and be able to concentrate on the important issues in the governance of their Counties. Youth are being encouraged to venture into small businesses including agribusiness.

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